I'm a digital creative.


    I design small chunks of the modern world.


    I like working with clever people.


    I live in London.


    I'm on Linkedin


    'The only true source of knowledge is experience.' Albert Einstein

    As Experience Director at Oracle, I'm introducing some humancentric design methods to the global technology giant. We organised a Global Experience Day in October 2019. 16 countries. 1200 players. All dancing to the tunes I wrote them!

    At SapientRazorfish I helped the Royal Bank of Scotland gear-up for the new era of digital banking. Their digital studio in London is at the centre of that transformation, and we worked with them to introduce new processes, products and personality.

    Banking may be a serious business, that doesn't mean bankers are serious people. Not all the time, anyway.

    We organised Formula Digital – a Remote Control car race around the RBS offices, complete with live 360 video feeds beamed straight to YouTube.

    I was digital creative director for automotive at Imagination. We designed, built and maintained the global autoshow kit and content. Masses of moving screens and digital touch points, all hooked up to a digital spine leading directly back to Jaguar Land Rover.


    Working in digital allows me to explore far, wide and deep.

    The Cerebral City

    A collaboration with King's College London Supported by funding from Arts in Minds.

    The Cerebral City is a psycho-geographic project which explore affinities between the structure of the brain and the landscape of the city. Completed in 2018 and exhibited at Somerset House, London.



    Fascinated by Faces

    At the Adobe CREATE NOW conference, London 2014.

    I question whether technology is helping or harming us.


    Interactive light animation at the Saatchi Gallery, London, 2014
    This piece is inspired by the eponymous hood-ornament statuette that sits on every Rolls-Royce. Visitors paint with light and sound, using gestures and movement.

    Part of the Inside Rolls-Royce exhibition by Imagination where I was digital creative director.


     Sweet selling from the Blue Barracuda years.

    This won me a 2006 Cannes Golden Lion for best viral. Before YouTube, kids!

    See if you can tell what it's selling. (Then decide if you really want it.)

    Nice little viral piece for TGI Friday I made with Blue Barracuda in 2009.

    Over 2.5 million aggregated views, last time I looked.


    Three decades of delusion

    In Lockdown

    Virtual exhibition of paintings


    Paintings made in lockdown London during 2020 when the city was still and the air was clean. And nature, both benign and predatory, felt closer and brighter and imminent. Nowhere to show them, so I built my own virtual gallery online.


    Visit the gallery here


    Clustered Force

    Portraits of the web​



    These large-scale prints are on the walls at the London headquarters of Sapient. Five in all, they depict the structure and character of 5 major brand websites, as seen by search engine spiders.


    They are portraits of the web, and form part of my continuing pursuit of an aesthetic language that both humans and computers can appreciate.


    There's a whole website about these here

    Wood Wall

    Interactive surface projection at the Saatchi Gallery, London



    An AudioVisual interactive piece commissioned by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Produced by Imagination. Shown at the Saatchi gallery in London, November, 2014. We designed an interactive sound sculpture with a stretchable fabric interface that brought the marquetry mastery of Rolls-Royce to life.



    The Sound of Your Face



    SOLO is a wall-mounted tablet with audio speakers. When the subject looks into the screen their face is scanned and the data used to build their own, unique musical biometric portrait.



    See it here


    Augmented Reality interactive audio paintings





    Military insignia become music by assigning a musical note to each colour, with the width of ribbon-colour dictating the length of that note. The acclaimed Soprano Susan Parkes sings the scores and the resulting songs are contained within a smartphone app, available from the Apple or Android App Stores.

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    And you may find yourself...

    Three decades of my art



    Having realised it's pretty unlikely anyone will ever bring out the Catalogue Raissoné of all my art work I decided to do it myself.



    It covers all the stuff I did at school; through University; in London (the penniless freezing years); Los Angeles (the penniless sun drenched years); Provence (the penniless gourmet years) before I jacked it in for a while and got a job.


    You can grab a copy here. They should have a few left...

    Just throw money

    The second volume



    I can't deny that I've been consistent, if not exceptional, in my success at carving out a living from the digital revolution. And navigating the swirls and rapids of change, both societal and technical, has given me a seat in the kitchen.


    This book reflects on what I've seen and done to earn a crust, as well as the artwork and random projects that happened in parallel.


    The Viral City

    Hand-blown glass containing teddy bear holograms

    York, UK 1997


    The day I infected the City of York with a virus certainly generated some press. Even though they were only artfully abandoned shiny objects - containing a hologram of a silver teddy bear with a hand grenade chained around his neck, it still caused a stir. National press, local TV. Funtimes.



    The lure of the paint is impossible to resist



    God that was a cold winter.  Suddenly stricken by a lust to daub, I set up in my unheated garden studio and churned out about a zillion paintings over the course of a few months.



    These tiny plastic figurines 'GoGos' were all the rage with my kids for a while.  they collected hundreds of them. GoGos are perfect to paint –  sculptural, full of character, colourful, simultaneously playful and deeply sinister.  The kids were intriqued.  Nobody else was, really.  Most of them ended up in the bin.


    See the GoGos here.


    Up-cycled steel and glass with digital printing



    Did I mention that I design furniture as well? Part of the re-branding of mobile marketing agency Sponge in London. Bespoke reception and boardroom furniture.


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    Art Dog

    A novel loosely based on my time working in Hollywood



    At the bottom of the Hollywood food chain, Art Dogs dig ditches and lay cables. One day ahead of the crew, two days behind with the news. First in line for lunch, but bottom of the list when the credits role. Stan is driving across America to pick up a movie in South Carolina. But is it just the wind and country radio whispering in his ear as he drives, or has someone else come along for the ride?


    Everything fabulous starts with an F

    Short stories about being 'Generation F'


    Now available as an audio book. Narrated by Jonathan Brenner


    The Trophy Wife started a web magazine aimed at women in ‘the flush of life’ – thefclub.uk, and asked me to contribute some thoughts from the male perspective. So I wrote her some stories about my friends, also in their forties and fifties; their lives and loves, and how they feel about women.


    They made her laugh which made me happy so I wrote some more.




    The Gulf Stream, North Atlantic



    144 sealed jars thrown into the Gulf Stream off the coast of Florida. Jars contained 3 wishes for the finder to make:  for something Impossible, something Forgotten and something Crazy.  Plus a return mailer addressed to me in France - got some interesting responses.


    The Viral Cathedral

    Art dans les Rue Festival, Aix-en-Provence



    I did some great work while I was living down in the south of France.  This offensively pink shed had stained glass windows depicting some of mankind's most virulent bacterial enemies.  It was a big hit, as you can see.



    Psychogeographic poetry in the Parisian sky


    This was a piece of folie. Random points on a map of Paris, a crazed treasure hunt through the winter streets of the city of light. Fun fact: camera work by Hollywood director Rupert Wainwright.